J. W. 

A "lifetime" of ministry experiences makes him  "at home" anywhere in the world. Pastor Sloan speaks with equal passion to small groups or churches with thousands. He is sought out by leaders in government and churches for wise counsel.  Father of two sons, both Pastors, he has relevant ministry for churches and families. 

Johnny says, "When you help a pastor you bless a church, which helps a community, which is good for a nation. It all starts with uplifting the hands of the church Pastor."

Lady dianne

Dianne was raised in ministry, her father being a Pastor.  She has an entire lifetime of worshipping and working in church.  Dianne is a vibrant preacher and teacher bringing deep truth in simple style to be practical and applicable.  As a young lady she traveled and preached revivals across America.  She has always had a heart for missions, especially, Latin and African people groups. She has preached in Conferences in 13 nations, including Australia, New Zealand, Israel, England, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, etc. Her candor, humor, and sage advice has blessed thousands.  She is an experienced and confidential Pastoral and Family counselor.