Egypt 2022 - Three Wonderful Events in One Trip

Foremost, speaking of the vision, the new Bible University under construction is very inspiring. When finished the Oasis Training Center will hold 180 students.  They will come from Egypt, African Nations,Iraq, and other Middle East Countries to prepare their lives for Ministry.   We are currently raising $55,000 to cover the 5th floor Government just approved that will go on top of the 4 floors seen in the picture on the left. Adding more dorm rooms for 60 more students.


3. speaking in Graduation ceremony

My favorite part of this trip was teaching a class of 23 people (mostly Pastors Photo right) enrolled for their Masters Degree in Theology. My teaching was on Apostle Paul and his writingsThis wonderful and productive mission ended with the Logos University Graduation Ceremony for those who completed their degrees last year in 2021.